Refillable Gas Systems - what is it all about?

A refillable gas system is designed to replace your conventional propane or butane gas bottles with either a purpose built steel cylinder that is fixed under your van, or specially designed bottles that are fixed in to your current locker box.

Refilling is simple. Drive in to one of the many LPG filling stations, attach the filling hose and top up you tank or bottles in minutes.

There are many advantages to using a refillable gas system

With LPG that you get from the petrol pump forecourts, you pay the road duty tax, but even with this, the refillable solution works cheaper than that of the equivalent gas bottles exchanged at the local dealer.

Refilling abroad can be done in just the same way. There is currently no agreed standard for filling nozzles across Europe so you will require a simple adapter that screws in to your external filling point that accepts the different filling guns found in the country you are travelling in. These adapters can be found in our shop here

Refillable Gas Bottles / Cylinders

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Refillable Gas Tanks

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Tank Mounting Cradles

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