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Where can I buy LPG?

There are many places across the UK and Europe where you can fill up with LPG. Click here for more information

Can I take LPG on the Eurotunnel?

All of our LPG systems can be taken on the Eurotunnel as they have a simple isolation valve that can be opperated to turn off the supply before boarding. There is more information regarding LPG on the Eurotunnel website that can be found here

What are Alugas Bottles?

Alugas are the only lightweight all alloy refillable LPG upright cylinders, that are fixed in place and are designed for the leisure market.
Click here to download our PDF Alugas Information Sheet

What are underslung gas tanks?

Underslung or underfloor LPG gas tanks are available in a range of sizes from 8kg up to 46kg. The underslung tank or "Caratank" is a unique bulk underfloor LPG tank suited ideally to motorhome users and catering trailers alike.
Click here to download our PDF Caratank Information Sheet.

How do I refill my gas tank?

Refilling is quick and easy.
Click here to download a simple PDF fact sheet on how to refuel your gas tanks or refillable bottles

Do you have any Customer Feedback from previous customers?

YES!! We pride ourselves on our customer service. You can read some of our customer testimonials by clicking here